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The Devil is in the Details: A Cautionary Note for EV Charging Installers

A drawing of a car with a tire on it.

Drive in your Customers Seats

As we embrace the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, installers and operators must remember that simply mounting chargers on the wall doesn't equate to creating a user-friendly charging infrastructure. An often overlooked element that can cause significant inconvenience for EV owners is the length of the charging cable.

I recently watched an EV driver spend five minutes trying to park in such as way that he could connect the charger.  Why? Because the cable was too short!  The solution was to park precariously on the curb.  This image is a stark reminder that attention to detail can make or break the user experience. It's not just about providing power; it's about integrating thoughtful design that considers the end-to-end experience of our customers.

So yes, as this driver recently discovered, car manufacturers should put charging ports near the front of the car! The poor guy was not able to open the driver-side door once he was plugged in! But sadly, they don't, so we need to adapt.

For those of you thinking about installing EV chargers, I urge you to "walk in your customers' , shoes"—or in this case, drive in their seats. Envision the approach, the parking, and the reach required to connect their vehicle. A cable that barely makes the distance or forces an awkward parking job is a recipe for frustration and can deter repeat use. Bad reviews online will ensue -- and they will hurt (see my posts on SEO for Parking).

Details Matter

Taking care of the small things, like properly sized EV charging cables is a quiet statement that you value the customer's time and experience. They may not notice when things work seamlessly, but I can guarantee that your customers take note when they don't.  And they will judge your entire operation based on one small interaction.

Doing so can also save you time and money.  Paying attention to detail can prevent hazards, vehicle damage, and the wear and tear of equipment. 

So, before you drill into that wall, ask yourself if you are really delivering a solution that considers the 'small stuff.' Because ultimately, it's these details that will drive customer satisfaction and the success of EV adoption.

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