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Multiple Use Cases For Parking-centric SEO

They come from 70% all channels but most users come from a mobile device.


While a healthy SEO strategy can drive sales and increase revenue, the value of SEO for parking operations goes well beyond revenue generation.  Getting the best information tailored to a specific search into the smartphone of a driver who is searching while stopped at a light can help reduce traffic and guide vehicles directly to their destination.  By way of example, there is a vast difference between “Hospital Parking Garage #6” and “Hospital Visitor and Guest Parking Garage #6”.  Once the search engines have been trained to recognize the difference they can deliver results tailored to a specific need.  As such hospital visitors can be guided directly to the gates of the parking garage dedicated to their needs, while doctors and administrators will be able to set their GPS devices to their separate parking facilities without having to get stuck behind confused visitors.

The same approach can help reduce traffic on university campuses as students, visitors, professors, and administrators can be guided to the most appropriate parking location for their needs.  After all University Stadium Parking is usually distinct from University Library Parking or University Engineering Building Parking.  Not only are they going to be in distinct locations but they are going to have different pricing, payment structures, and time constraints.  Having all of this information properly indexed can increase revenue, reduce traffic, and all but eliminate confusion.