Glossary Index of Parking Terms

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Waffle-slab Floor System

Type of construction method used in building concrete floors. It consists of a reinforced concrete slab with a grid of deep ribs or waffles formed on the underside. These ribs create a pattern of voids, resulting in a lighter and more efficient structural system.


The process of guiding and assisting individuals in navigating through a parking facility efficiently and finding their desired parking spaces or destinations. It involves the use of signage, graphics, color coding, and other visual cues.

White label

White label refers to a product or service that is produced by one company and then rebranded and resold by another company as if it were their own. In this arrangement, the reselling company applies its own branding, logo, and identity to the product or service, making it appear as if they have created or developed it themselves.

Wind Loads

Forces exerted by wind on structures, such as buildings, bridges, and towers. These loads are an important consideration in the design of structures to ensure their stability, safety, and resistance to wind-induced effects.