Glossary Index of Parking Terms

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Enclosed Parking Garage

Any public parking garage that does not meet the natural ventilation requirements of an open parking garage.

Equity Financing

Involves raising funds by selling ownership shares or equity stakes in the project to investors.


Electric Vehicle

Expansion Joint

A construction joint between sections of large concrete slabs to allow weather-induced expansion and contraction of the slabs.

Express ramp
An express ramp refers to a designated ramp or pathway specifically designed for efficient and quick access to or from different levels of the parking facility. It allows vehicles to move directly between floors without having to navigate through multiple turns or intersections within the structure. These ramps do not contain spaces for parking vehicles. 
Express ramps in parking structures are typically designed with wider lanes and fewer twists and turns compared to the regular ramps or driving lanes. They are strategically located and optimized to provide convenient access to popular destinations within the structure, such as entrances, exits, or frequently visited floors.