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About Us


The GPS Parking team is dedicated to build for you SEO efficient strategies that involve your business and the communities you serve. The team is distributed across the globe as we believe that the best talent lives and breathes across borders, boundaries and zip codes.

  • Andrew Sachs - President

    Andrew Sachs, CAPP, is a successful entrepreneur, commercial real estate professional, and venture capital investor with a unique background in the parking industry and digital media. He is an SEO expert with a proven record of connecting online audiences to real-world interactions.


    Andrew is an owner of Harbor Park Garage, a 1300-space garage in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, and the founder of Gateway Parking Services, which among other things, oversees the parking operations for the Sheraton Inner Harbor. He is also a Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners.


    Andrew is on the board of Directors for the Middle Atlantic Parking Association.  He is a member of the National Parking Association Parking Consultants Council, for which he is editing, and a contributor to the Dimensions in Parking 6th Edition 2023.  He is a current member of the International Parking & Mobility Institute’s Technology Committee and a former member of the Technology Committee.


    One day he will write a book titled “Everything I need to know about business, I learned in the regional theater!"

  • Mitch Cohen - Chief of Business Development & Customer Interaction - Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Mitch joined Gateway Parking Services after a successful career as a healthcare executive with twenty-five years of sales and business development experience. He successfully sold his company,  Medica Ambulance Service to the largest operator in the space.  Not one to sit around, Mitch approached his former clients, the hospital administrators, and asked, "what is your biggest pain point, and how can I help”  The overwhelming answer was, “parking!” 


    Mitch is known for his excellent customer service skills and ability to build strong relationships with clients. His expertise includes developing strategic partnerships, expanding market presence, improving operational efficiency, and increasing profitability. He also possesses financial literacy, advanced problem-solving abilities, negotiation skills, and analytical capabilities, enabling him to deliver successful projects on time and within budget.

  •  Carlo DLS - Product, SEO Lead & User Growth - NorCal/SoCal & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Carlo has worked in dual-sided marketplaces, with focus on growth for top to bottom of the funnel, in verticals such as real-estate (for sale/for rent), moving, HR/jobs, dating and online retail. He has implemented product features across enterprise sites that drives SEO/multi-channel visitors (around 50M UUs/100M pages) which unlocks business growth KPIs. He also works as a project manager at GPS, coordinating multiple projects and pushing these features to delivery with clients. During his free time, you will find him enrolled in Stanford University's Continuing Studies Program, improving his product management skills.
  • John S - Creative & Design - Ojai, CA
  • Jerome S - Front End Engineering - Manila, Philippines
  • Patti R - Finance & Operations - Baltimore, MD
  • Kera M - Operations Management - Baltimore, MD
  • Kit P - Content & Social Media - Baltimore, MD
  • Danielle S - Social Media & Office Management - Baltimore, MD
  • Dayvon W - Operations & Maintenance - Baltimore, MD